Epub King is a massive collection of self help and business ebooks.

Ebooks are not stored in our website. It is only obtained from 3rd Party sources. Ebooks are either FREE or for sale at a very low price.

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1. FREE Ebooks

You can download selected ebooks for FREE. Yes, gratis.
a. Simply look for ebooks tagged with "FREE"
b. Click/tap the selected book and click the Download button.

2. For Sale

Some ebooks are for sale for a very low price of $1.99. These books are tagged with its total discount from the store price.
a. To purchase, click/tap "Add to Cart" and click "Checkout"
b. Enter your details and click "Proceed to Payment"

c. Pay with your Paypal account. Send receipt/proof of payment to epubking@gmail.com for verification. Link will be sent within few minutes.